About Us

It was the year 2014, in the month of March; a hope shattered deprived family was desperately seeking support to get their daughter married and made an appeal to one of our founding members, who then answered their call by appealing to the group of friends who stood together taking up financial expenses of the needy family in getting their daughter married. Later, the united group of friends came up with the idea to zealously support poverty-stricken people as helping hands and supported many underprivileged families to get their daughters married.

By the end of the year 2015, fuelled with passion to bring the change, they came forth with ‘Ration for All’ flagship program to the feed the hungry and a much- needed ‘Imam Muezzin Program’ to support the humble yet necessitous personalities.


Meet our Team

Abdul Aziz



Hamza Qureshi



Mohammed Usman Khan

Founder & Treasurer


Mohammed Sajid khan

General Secretary


Our Programs

Eye Care Program

India has highest number blind population in the world and about 75% of these cases are avoidable, if proper care is taken on time. Individuals with vision impairment are more likely to experience restrictions in their independence, mobility, and educational achievement, as well as an increased risk off all, fractures, injuries, poor mental health, cognitive deficits, and social isolation.

Hayat Charitable Clinic

The health care clinics are located in low income areas (e.g. Slums, SRA buildings) acting as the first point of call for all health related matters for the community. Their model involves 5 D services (doctor, diagnostics, drugs, daycare and dental) at 50% of the market rate with 90% user satisfaction. FHH has been running Hayat charitable clinic comprising of eye care facility.

Medical Camps

Medical and Health care facilities are still a dream for a majority of slum dwellers in Mumbai. Hayat Charitable Clinic organizes regular health camps in identified slum localities of Mumbai and suburbs. The objective of organizing such medical camps is to bring the healthcare facilities to the economically marginalized sections of the society.

Ration for All Program

Under this program, extremely poverty-stricken families are provided with household grocery /Ration supplies every month. So far, ‘n’ number of families have been identified after completing the survey and thorough verification process.

Widow Care Program

We all knows very well that taking care of yateem (Orphan) or widow are very good deed. Our generous members have adopted widow Families and donated Rs. 42,000/Year (Rs. 3500/Month) for one family. We are assisting the widow families with Rs. 3500/- every month for their daily needs and life.

Ramadan, Sehri & Iftaari Program

Our mission to help those who need it the most becomes even more important during the Holy month of Ramadan when countless Muslims, families, and communities struggle to survive through this period of worship. As our duty, we give hope and dignity when it is most desperately required.

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